The Wives of the Prophet and Recreational Fun

The Messenger of Allah was extremely keen to involve his family in recreational fun. When one does this, it would bring about a sense of love and respect among family members. A’ishah said: “The Prophet was sitting and he heard some noise from people and children outside. There was a group of people gathered around some Abyssinians who were dancing. He said, 'O A'ishah come and see!' I put my cheek on his shoulder and looked through the gap. He then asked, 'O A'ishah, have you had enough, have you had enough?' I said, 'No,' just to see how much I meant to him, and I saw him shifting his weight from one foot to the other (i.e. he was tired but he was willing to stay as long as she wanted to watch the spectacle).” (Silsilah #7/818)

In another report, A'ishah said: "By Allah, I saw the Prophet standing at the door of my room, when some Abyssinians were playing with spears in the Mosque. The Messenger of Allah screened me with his cloak so that I could watch the spear-play over his shoulder. He stayed there for my sake, until I had seen enough." (Ghayat al-Maram #385)
  1. The Prophet would overlook certain things to please his family:
  2. Allah instilled within Prophet Muhammad the highest ethical code of manners. The Prophet never hurt anyone’s feelings, and if discourtesy was displayed towards him, he overlooked it and did not become harsh towards that individual.

    A’ishah said: “The Messenger of Allah came to my house while two girls were singing. The Prophet lay down and turned his face to the other side. Abu Bakr came to me and said: ‘The sound of Satan near the Prophet?’ The Messenger of Allah turned his face towards him and said, ‘Leave them.’” (Ibn Hibban #2504)
  3. The Messenger’s desire to keep his family happy:
  4. Islamic guidelines dictate that a Muslim should be a jovial, good-spirited individual; although this is the case, one should refrain from ‘pulling off’ practical jokes that may cause one distress. A’ishah said: “The Prophet returned to my home after visiting the Baqee (cemetery) and I said to him, ‘I have a headache!’ He replied, ‘O A’ishah I am suffering from this as well!’ He then said: “O A’ishah if you were to die before me, I would wash you, shroud you, pray upon you and then bury you.” Shortly after this, the Prophet fell ill for the final time (in which he died). (Ibn Hibban #6653)

    The Prophet was always very jovial with his family. A’ishah said: “I visited the Prophet while he was at the house of Sodah (one of his wives) and I had brought with me some food that I had cooked. I said to Sodah ‘Eat!’ but she refused. I then threatened her, ‘Eat or else I will take this food and smear it on your face!’ A’ishah then dipped her hand in the sauce and smeared some on her face, with this, Soda did the same and the Prophet laughed. (Silsilah #7/363)
  5. The Prophet’s laughter with his family:
  6. Laughing is a natural emotion. The Prophet would laugh at the jokes that his family made. He said: “To smile in the face of your brother is a source of reward.” (Adab Mufrad #684)

    A’ishah said: “O Messenger of Allah if you were to go into a valley and you saw a tree that was eaten from and one that was not eaten from; which one would you choose to tie your camel to?” The Prophet responded, “I would tie my camel to the tree that was not eaten from.” A’ishah was hinting that she was the only virgin wife that the Prophet had married. (Bukhari #5077)

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